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cottonwood ivanhoe scorecard


Cottonwood Golf Club Local Rules as of 3.1.2017

- USGA Rules Govern all play except where Local Rules apply.
- Each player must have their own set of clubs and bag.
- All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Cottonwood Golf Club ONLY.
- No ball hawking or fishing.
- All fences and roadways are Out of Bounds.
- Free drop from maintenance paths and cart paths.
- Please repair all ball marks, rake bunkers, replace divots.
- Please keep pace with the group in front of you at all times.
- 18 holes of golf should be completed in 4 hours. Should you take longer, you are depriving other golfers from enjoying this facility.
- Proper golf attire is required and we are a soft spike facility.
- Flower beds and mulched areas are free drop.